Friday, November 15, 2013

Halloween: Better Late Than Never

Happy.. uh... Halloween?


Yes.. I realize Halloween was like.. over 2 weeks ago. 
And yes, I'm just getting around to posting our Halloween pictures.
But unless you're willing to sleep a night in my bed, don't judge.
(Wait.. that was supposed to be a play on "Unless you're willing to walk a day in my shoes," 
but I don't think that came out quite right..)
What I'm getting at is nights around here have been a little rough lately.
And days too actually now that I think about it..
A prime example of the other night:

All day long: Ella and Hudson fuss and whine and both need to be sitting on my lap at ALL times.
Boys come home from school: Fight and wrestle and tackle and bite and scratch each other until bedtime.
9:00- Kids are finally all asleep.
9:01- Ella wakes up crying. JJ goes up to rock her while I sit with Hudson on the couch. 
10:00- Child #1 wakes up with horrible sounding cough. Husband administers cough drop.
11:00- Ella wakes up crying again.
Midnight- Exasperated husband brings uncontrollably fussy Ella downstairs for me to deal with. 
12:01- Husband sits Ella on my lap. She smiles sweetly at me.
12:02- Husband realizes he still needs to lock up the animals for the night (morning?). He goes outside. It's snowing.
12:10- Husband brings Child #4 back upstairs with him.
Midnight-1:30- Ella and I play happily in the living room (well, one of us was happy about it)
1:30- Ella climbs the stairs and wanders around upstairs while I doze on the couch.
1:31- Follow Ella upstairs to rock her. 
1:32- Rock with Ella
1:45- Hear Child #2 get up.
1:46- Continue rocking
1:50- Hear Child #4 wake up- starting to get hungry.
2:00- Husband switches shifts and takes over rocking with Ella.
2:01- Change Child #2's sheets. 
2:02- Listen as Child #4's hungry pleads get more serious.
2:05- Lay with Child #2 until he is almost asleep.
2:10- Husband brings desperately starving Child #4 to me.
2:11- Go back to bedroom to feed Child. Husband and Ella are in the recliner.
2:12-Take Child to bed with me to feed him.
2:20- Husband gives up rocking and brings Ella to our bed as well.
2:21- Ella proceeds to perform her version of STOMP between our covers.
3:00- All are finally almost asleep.
3:01- Child #2 comes back into room. Announces he's hungry.
3:02- Husband tells Child to go downstairs and get a banana. Child leaves.
3:03- Husband looks at me. I look at husband. We laugh. Purely because the only remaining option is to cry..
3:05- Child comes back and eats banana in our room.
3:07- Husband tucks child back into bed.
3:20- Toe starts throbbing uncontrollable for unknown reason.
3:30- Drifting off to sleep again.
3:30- Child #4 wake up. Hungry again.
4:00-6:00- We all sleep like kings. Kindof.
And this night came sandwiched between multiple other nights of our lovely children sharing the stomach flu with each other. 
And us.
And an entire week of me not leaving my spot on the couch holding 2 sick whiney babies, getting up only in very very extreme cases of having to pee..
So, yes. I've been a little tired lately. 
And unmotivated. 
And busy washing wet sheets and pukey clothes. 
PLUS, I really really wanted to take more Halloween pictures. Really cool ones. Like, the older boys lined up looking like they're going to snap the football (Hudson) laying between them. And them tackling each other and me (the ref) throwing a flag. And JJ doing some sort of funny coach stance and Ella cheering and it was going to be really awesome but since that never got done let's just all take a minute to close our eyes and pretend there's really the most amazing Pinterest-worthy Halloween photos ever posted here and you can all ooh and aah and feel free to leave comments about how much you LOVE these pictures and I will reply that they were really so effortless to take and the kids really just cooperated perfectly and we were all as happy as we look in those pictures. Let's just pretend that happened, okay?

Wasn't that fun? 
Okay.. now I feel like I need to compensate for that pathetic plea to humor me.
Ummm.. I made a really cute ghost cake/cupcakes for Charlie's class. See?

There, I feel better now.             

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  1. You know, you can always just take the date setting off the camera, dress the kids back up again, and recreate those wonderfully cute poses! No one will ever know!