Friday, June 20, 2014

Belated Anniversary

Since we spent the eve of our 9th Wedding Anniversary in the basement of my in-laws house waiting out Tornado Warnings (as we did 3 of the previous 4 nights as well) I didn't get a chance to work on my annual Anniversary blog. Good thing I live by the rule of 'better late than never!'
Reasons Why I Love My Husband: Part 3

He's good at putting babies to sleep.

Lots of babies..

And even when his 'babies' aren't ready to sleep.. he tries to lead by example.

He works hard to provide meals for us,

and takes his job very serious,

no matter what job it is.
Yes,  that is a goat. Yes, he is milking it. Yes, this was totally my idea.
Oh, and our kids might look just a little like him..

He teaches our children how to best sit around

even at 14,000 feet altitude

And he makes a 15 hour camping trip.. well.. a lot more interesting. 
"I'm a talking tent head"
 I know I tease him a lot (trust me.. he has it coming) but he really does do so much for us and I know I don't thank him enough.

Who else would put in a full day's work, then drive a 6 hour round trip to pick up 150 baby chicks for us?

 He paints his little girl's nails whenever she wants,

teaches her about important things like fish,

touching the fish seemed like a good idea.. who knew it would be slimy?
 and is a all-around 

great dad.

There's so much else-he remembers my favorite kind of wine, allows me my American Idol indulgence on Wednesday nights, always ALWAYS thanks me for making supper, tells me I'm beautiful, leaves just the right amount of coffee for me every morning, and even though he broke my brand new Pampered Chef egg cooker the night of our anniversary, I know his attempt at cleaning the kitchen for me was well intentioned. 

 The other night when I was certain a tornado was headed straight for our house, he didn't hesitate (okay, there might have been a slight hesitation and moderate eye roll) to run home and grab my external hard drive and entire computer (since I haven't backed up my pictures for awhile-add that to the to-do list..) in case our home was leveled. And just tonight he rescued me from a tiny baby bat who must have fallen through our chimney.
 I still have the heebie-jeebies.

So just like I posted on Facebook the other night..
"Happy Anniversary JJ! There's no one else I would rather have spent almost every night this week huddled in your parent's basement, taking cover from tornadoes with. Mostly because.. well.. it would be a little awkward to be huddled in your parent's basement with anyone but you.. but also because after 9 years I still kinda like being around you. Most days.. :) love you honey! "