Sunday, June 18, 2017

Happy AnniFathersVersaryDay

I know I am SO SO overdue on posting a blog about Ella and her amazing year in Kindergarten, and I have another one started that might help explain why I'm SO SO overdue (NO I'm not pregnant..) and I promise I will get to it, but right now we have more pressing matters. 

It's Father's Day. AND our 12 year wedding anniversary.
Otherwise known as the rare AnniFathersVersary Day.
And that calls for a very special blog for a very special guy!

The past 12 years with you have been a wild ride.

Some days it feels like a battle.

 But others are like a ride through the park.

 Or across the lawn..

We've been in some tight spaces.

 But we never let our guard down.

I love that you still go along with my crazy ideas.

and come up with a few of your own as well.

And just when you think you know a guy..

I've had a busy year trying to start my photography business (spoiler alert for the 'started blog') 
and you're always ready and willing to help me test out backdrops,


and you put up with all of my late nights editing.

There is no one in this world who supports me, encourages me, or believes in me more than you. You've never once complained about working a full-time job, then coming home and staying up late to help me clean and set up for a photoshoot the next day.

Okay.. actually there was that one time I asked if you would rather finish the dishes or mop the floor and I heard you mutter under your breath "This isn't my photoshoot.." 

for the sake of avoiding counseling for another year I am going to choose to ignore that comment and not bring it up again except for here where it will live on for cyber eternity.. 

 I'm thankful for our adventures together. 

the passions we share,

the memories we've made,

but mostly I'm thankful.. 

for Snap Chat.

 And screenshots. 

 You make our lives so much more fun

We love you!

Happy Anniversary AND Father's Day!