Monday, November 30, 2015

The Snow Day

I don't have much time to blog today (story of my life..) but I posted this on my personal Facebook page a week or two ago and wanted to document it here as well. 

Ella has never been a fan of snow. (I tried to find the picture I know I have somewhere of us trying to take her sledding but couldn't find it. Use your imagination.. then add a little more screaming and some big fat alligator tears. There you go..) She has refused to put her feet down in it, walk in it and generally doesn't want to be outside when the sun isn't shining and the temperature is below 65. I've come to accept that it's just the way it's going to be and I won't be planning any big family skiing trips in the near future. But that didn't stop me from trying to encourage her to put her snow pants and boots on when we had a snow day the other week. For two days straight while her brothers went out and played in the snow every chance they got she would watch them go, sometimes bringing me her snow pants and acting like she wanted them on, then running away saying "No no no!" when they actually came close to her body. Finally Sunday came and I was talking about how I probably wouldn't even pack snow pants for school the next day since I KNEW she wouldn't put them on. Then at lunch that day I was telling the boys how glad I actually was that Ella doesn't like the snow, because forever and always now I will have an excuse to stay in the warm cozy house and drink coffee and hot chocolate and bake cookies and watch Christmas movies with my girl. I suppose I could make that sacrifice.

Right after lunch the kids went out again to play in the snow and Ella and I watched them out the window scooping off the patio. 
Or something...

Eventually she ran off and I thought she went to play. Instead she came back to me, bringing her snow pants and boots (neither of which she had ever actually worn). I wasn't super surprised.. she had done this before. But never followed through. I held them out to her, imagining she would run away crying again, but much to my surprise she actually slid her legs in the pants and let me pull them on! Then she actually put on her boots (HUGE for the girl who only wears very specific shoes).
 I was completely shocked at this point, but thought.. she'll never let me put her coat and hat and gloves on over all this. I had to document even this accomplishment with a picture in case it all went sour soon after. 

And then she put the rest on.. 
I thought--Well.. maybe she put in all on, but she'll never actually go out and walk in that white stuff.

Okaaaaayyy... but she probably won't want to get on the sled. 


Well how about that..

I think it was at this point that Nolan yelled out "What's your excuse now, MOM??" 

Needless to say this girl, who never stops surprising me and absolutely never ceases to amaze me, was rewarded with a warm cup of hot chocolate and all the cookies she could eat.

The kids are all home again for another snow day today.
It's gonna be a good winter.. :)