Monday, April 22, 2013

It's Official

Spring is never coming.

Ever ever ever...

Just for fun pure misery I decided to check my photo archives to see what we were doing at this very time last year. 
This is what I found.

This year?

This is the third week in a row in April that we've gotten a sleet/snow storm.

I'm pretty sure a little sunshine around here would benefit my children's (and my own I'm sure) dispositions a whole lot.. And also help with the bagillion things we have on our to-do list that we are not so patiently waiting for the ground to warm up/dry out to do. 

We're trying to make the best of it, but seriously??

We are out of hot chocolate and I am refusing to buy more. My house is a mess but I am too cozy under my warm blankets to get up and do anything about it. My body is going back into hibernation mode and demanding that I store extra calories in the form of leftover Cadbury eggs for the long, hard months it thinks are ahead. I have tried to put away the winter snow pants three times now without any kind of success. I am dreaming of simmering soups on the stove for supper instead of grilling and picnics like I feel like I should be. I am beyond antsy to start building our fence for animals, but to do that we need to first pour concrete in our barn, and before that we need to put in a hydrant, which would require trenching a hole, which would be great to do without snow and crazy amounts of mud on the ground..

Bottom line: I am going crazy(er) 

Please Mother Nature? PLEASE?? A little help?


  1. Eventually it'll all melt and you'll be complaining about being 8 months preggers in the heat of summer :o)