Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Introducing.. Hudson James

We officially present to you Hudson James!
First of all let me start by saying THANK YOU to everyone who has helped us out this past week.. 
For the visits, phone calls, messages, prayers, meals, helping with our other kids, just being there for us.. 
We appreciate it so much!

A week ago Tuesday morning (a week already??? whoa!) began bright and early at 3:00 am by an anesthesiologist carefully inserting a long needle into my spine.. then snapping in it half inside me with a very painful and sickening crunch. Thankfully that was just a dream, but needless to say I was unable to sleep after that.. We had to leave at 4:30 anyways to head to the doctor, so naturally I lay awake and relived that awfuing crunchy sound over and over until it was time to go. I'm sure it really helped my nerves.. Our car ride started out with JJ looking at me blankly and asking, "Sooo... got any ideas on names?" HA! We didn't wait until the total last minute as we technically still had 45 minutes to talk about it. At the hospital, I waited until after the needle had been (successfully) inserted and taken out to tell my doctor about my dream. To which he explained to me that he had seen a needle bend before, but never break. And that if that actually happened they would be able to get it out pretty easily. But if I were getting an epidural instead of a spinal and the plastic broke off, they wouldn't be able to get it out and the plastic would just have to stay in your spine, but it usually doesn't cause problems. Wait.. WHAT??? I thought that was just a crazy dream, not something that actually happens!

Anyways, Baby Boy was born at 7:50 am, weighing 9 pounds 1 oz (his brothers were 9 lbs 3 oz and 9 lbs 2 oz when they were born). As the doctors started to pull him out, JJ saw just his head and exclaimed "It's a boy!" They all looked at him crazy, since.. you know.. the part you would need to see to determine if it was a boy wasn't even visible yet, but JJ knew right when he saw his face that he looked just like his brothers when they were born and just like himself. He was right! Baby Boy went with no name for a little while since my lovely husband proceeded to stand right in the way while they put me back together and cleaned the baby up and I wanted to get a good look at him before fully deciding the name he would have for the rest of his life. Thanks Hon.. :) But when I finally got to see him, even though I appreciated the boys' helpful name suggestions of 'Fartly' and 'Pudding Face', I thought he looked like the cutest little Hudson I've ever seen (not that I really know any other Hudson's, but you know..)
Everyone after that went really well. This is actually the easier recovery I've had so far and I'm back on my feet and feeling much better than I expected! In fact, I actually found a foolproof way to take away all abdominal pain from a c-section on the first day: develop an intense, ridiculously excruciating cramp in your neck, possibly caused by an air bubble during surgery. I promise after you're up all night crying in pain and unable to move your neck even the slightest bit while trying to nurse a 12 hour old baby, you won't even notice your stomach was just sliced open. Although it worked, I'm not so sure I would take my own advice..

Thankfully I had this beautiful 'baby' gift from my thoughtful husband to help me feel better..
Or maybe he found it behind the seat in our car as he was cleaning it out the night before. 
Thank you previous owners! 
(And also for the feminine products and Midol... HA!)

After a few days I was deemed well enough to go home and our happy family smoothly breezed out of the hospital. The older boys happily chatted about who got to sit by Hudson and where in the middle of the trip home they could switch seats so they both had an equal turn, the sunshine sprinkled down on their golden heads, Ella walked all the way to the car by herself like a big girl and we all easily settled into our roles as a family of 6. 
And so we began our idyllic voyage home. 
Life was good. 
Until the second turn out of the parking lot, our *ahem driver took the corner too sharp, rammed straight into the curb, juice spilled all over Charlie's face and lap, tears and screams instantly flowing for said juice, staples went flying from my stomach, and a near strangulation occurred one block from the hospital.

As for how things have been going at home? Surprisingly amazing. I know we're probably in the honeymoon phase of having a new baby, but I was not expecting this. The boys love kissing and loving on their new brother. Even though Ella wanted absolutely nothing to do with Hudson while we were in the hospital, threw a fit when JJ tried to hold him, and two-handedly pushed him away when we tried to hold him near her, she has been ridiculously grown up and a wonderful big sister since we've been home. 

Upon arriving home, Hudson even got formally initiated with a rubber duck party in his bassinet.

I realized the other day though, that as both older boys were playing nicely in the kitchen, Ella was happily running around the house with her rubber ducks, Hudson was sleeping, JJ was sitting on the couch reading the paper (that was kindly delivered to our house last week.. even though we don't subscribe to the paper!) and drinking coffee and I was rummaging around in the attic looking for burp cloths.. since I had kindof forgotten babies spit up sometimes. (SHOUT OUT to whoever makes those nice burp rags to send home with new babies from the hospital. You totally saved us the first day!) that maybe it seems things are a little too easy this week. Isn't this supposed to be harder? Don't worry.. I'm sure that will change dramatically when JJ goes back to work next week.. 

And for those of you who have been on the edge of your seat, anxiously waiting to hear the state of my uterus? Apparently I have very strong uterus muscles. VERY strong. Maybe a bit too strong.. Like, as in, the surgeon had to cut a bit harder than he expected through my muscle and sliced my baby's forehead with the scalpel strong. :( 
Poor boy.. But yay for the open possibility to have another baby someday! :)

We love you so much already Hudson James and we can't imagine our lives without you.

You are the sweetest, most snuggliest baby and we feel very blessed!


  1. Congratulations! Love how you can share all the events of Hudson's arrival so joyfully, stories that will last a life time. Blessing to all <><

  2. What a cute family! I am so glad everyone is adjusting well! :) Congrats!

  3. Congratulations! I just had twins by c-section, and also had a crazy neck cramp for about 3 days post surgery. It was painful! Sure did make the abdominal pain much less apparent! :)