Thursday, September 5, 2013

I Was Wrong

 It's been one month since this sweet little man joined our "fold" 
(as his debut headline in our local paper called it.. lol). 
A month already! How did that happen??

The past month has been so amazingly much better than I anticipated, proving that having overwhelmingly low expectations really is the key to true happiness. I expecting this transition to be rough. Read: I expected this transition with Ella to be rough/awful/entirely unbearable. I foresaw extreme jealousy, temper tantrums, and many many tears. And sometimes the kids might get upset too... I thought maybe we were totally crazy for attempting this. That I would wonder what in the world we were thinking 9 months ago?? I thought I would be laid up in bed, unable to get up and walk, go out in public, make supper, do anything for months and months and months. (Remember those 52 freezer meals?? Very much so a product of my terrified-ness rather than actual preparedness)

But although I don't like to admit this much.. I was wrong. Very very wrong. I was grocery shopping with Hudson 3 days home from the hospital, hanging out laundry a few days later, and making homemade supper and birthday cake after that. (Not that I'm braging.. maybe just a little.) And I totally underestimated Ella. She has grabbed onto this role of big sister and ran with it. She LOVES baby Hudson. Loves rubbing his soft hair, patting his back to help burp him, bringing me his pacifier, helping me give him a bath, watching as I change his dirty diaper every other minute, and even throws them away for me. She rarely minds when I have to feed him (and he is a slooooow eater), but rather either sits by me on the couch hugging and kissing her own baby doll or wanders off and finds something else to play. She entertains herself when I'm busy and hasn't shown any signs of jealousy. Life has been surprisingly breezy for us the past month.. you know.. as long as we don't have to do anything too crazy. Like leave the house. 
I'll say it again.. I. was. wrong.

I am so proud of so many things..
I am proud of this too quickly growing, strong little guy 

and of Ella's role of doting big sister to him.

 I'm proud of his first fish catch 
(See it dangling above his pacifier there?? Talented 2 week old there)

and of his obvious good taste in sports teams.

But I am most proud..

 that this 42 oz party bag of M&M's that JJ bought for me while I was 
having excruciating neck pain in the hospital has lasted an entire month.. 


Whew! I'm off to go celebrate Hudson's 1 month birthday. 
The same way I've celebrated every other day of his life.. 
M&M Party Bag Style.

Whatever shall I snack on tomorrow??

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  1. Like I always say, Maria, you make it look so easy! The baby is sooo handsome and precious and I'm not at all surprised at Ella's behavior. She was just waiting to see exactly where she was needed and this big sister gig is perfect for her right now. Much love to allllll of you and I'll get that gift for Hudson in the mail, expect it sometime around high school graduation. Hugs.