Saturday, June 18, 2016

Happy Anniversary

Can you believe we've been married 11 years?

11 years since I stared into these green eyes and pledged my forever "I love you's". 

You still leave me speechless.

Sometimes I watch you deep in thought and wonder..

I wish there was someway I could tell how you really feel about our lives together..

I guess I'll just have to assume I still make you feel like flying.

or falling..


Seriously though.. 

I really love our lives together. 

 As these boys get older I'm so thankful they have a dad like you to look up to.

A dad who takes them hunting.

And fishing.

And fishing.

And fishing.

And fishing..


 And water sliding.



and boating.

I'm so glad I get to wake up to a quiet house and find notes like this. 

Our daughter is so lucky to have you. (Even if she looks a little unsure here..)

We all are. 
(Lucky to have you. Not unsure. Mostly..)

You coach us.

You teach us the value of hard work.

You love life with us.

Most importantly you love us well.

And we love you back.

More than you know.

 Even if you do tip our swing set over flat on its face 
(And my garden shed too, but who's keeping track, really?)
Oh- and thank you for remembering to make me sweet homemade Valentine's so I can cross out your name and regift them back to you since I'm not the greatest gift giver..)

Here's to a lifetime of memories that's only just begun!

 Happy Anniversary!!

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