Monday, December 10, 2012

PROOF! I am not a liar

The last few weeks of Ella's therapy appointments have been a bit disrupted by meetings, doctor appointments, and such terribly tragic things such as someone trying to (gasp!) touch her. And what a shame since Ella has such an exciting thing to share as finally taking steps! So today when we had every single one of our therapists present (6 in all..), ready to witness her amazing feat, do you think she seized this golden opportunity to show off her skills? Impressed them all, knocking their socks off, and completely making their day week? Of course not.. she was sick, not feeling herself, terribly clingy.. making a complete liar out of me..

So just so no one goes about spreading rumors about the crazy lady imagining her child is walking, I have PROOF!

Alas! A video of Ella taking some steps. It only took me an hour or so to find the right video to upload (Don't worry.. I had nothing else to do. HA!) and keep in mind this isn't her best work because the too-cute-they-shouldn't-be-legal boots she's wearing are a little hard to walk in, (she's learning early that you pay a price for fashion) but it's all we've got.

So there! I am NOT a crazy lady.. Too much.


  1. So exciting! My children regularly make me look like a liar. Now I start almost every therapy appointment with a video that I took earlier in the week. (-:

  2. Yay!!! That is WAY too cute! I love her clap/walk the best.

  3. I love it...I felt so proud (for her) watching her and being brave and trying new things by herself!!