Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Best Kind of Prayer..

comes from a child. Not only are they faith-filled, innocent, and totally honest, they also can be completely random.

Charlie's prayer from the other night..

"Dear God, watch over... umm.. thank you for.. mom, dad, Ella.. mom, Charlie.. dad, Nolan.. playing at Nana and Papa's, playing outside. Thank you for getting to play with the kitties.. Watch over mom, dad, Nolan.. dad.. mom, Charlie, Ella.. Nolan, dad..."

insert Nolan: "What is he talking about??"

me: "Shhh..."

"Mom, dad, Charlie, Ella.. mom.. Nolan, dad, Ella.. Charlie, mom, dad. Amen. Goo goo."


  1. so true! love it. I'm going to write down some of my kids prayers now!

  2. We always get prayers for 'the army.' I don't know why no other military branch gets prayers, though . . .