Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Annual Anniversary

Today is the day.
The day that, 8 years ago, two kids set out on a journey with hearts full of love and heads filled with dreams.
The day they promised to love and cherish each other all the days of their lives.
They had no idea where their road would lead, but they vowed to travel it together.
Till death do them part.

Today is our 8 year anniversary and I could write a lovey dovey mushy post about how much the past years have meant to me and how far we've come and how my husband is everything I ever dreamed and life is just perfect... 
Buuuuut why? When last year's post was so much more fun?
Happy Anniversary JJ!

Reasons I love my husband Part 2.

After all this time, he still pursues me with the same passion as when we first met.

He just never gives up.

He shares his love of early mornings with our children

and doesn't mind staying up with them at night.

He's attentive,


and truly enjoys 9 hour road trips that turn into 13 hours.

I love the way he looks at me

and still gazes lovingly into my eyes.

He really helps out..

keeping our place neat and clean.

No one else does bedtime routines quite like he does,

and I can always count on him to help me get that perfect photo op.

He's literally a lifesaver.

He's strong

yet only picks on people his own size.

He's a very involved dad. (leaving the kids at the top of the hill while he sleds by himself..)

And he never complains about what's for supper

He works hard

but really knows how to kick back and relax.

To JJ:
I wish I could tell you I have a nice dinner planned for tonight, but the truth is I haven't given anything past the next hour 5 minutes much thought..
I wish I could promise you some quiet time without the kids tonight, but they're all taking naps (and I'm not) so chances are they'll be up later than me tonight.
I wish I could tell you I cleaned the entire house for you today, but... well.. HA!
I wish I could tell you we are going on a nice date, but remember that one time a few weeks ago that we went out (to Menards)? Yeah.. that totally counts as our anniversary date.
I wish I could remember what you really wanted as a gift, but I already forgot a therapy session scheduled for this morning, so don't expect too much..
I wish I could say you can come home and relax tonight but actually the lawn needs mowed, the goat fence needs finished, and the boys really want to work on the tree house with you..

I guess I can't guarantee much, but I will promise you this. 
Some night after the kids go to bed and the house is quiet 
we can turn the lights down low and do something really special. 
I will let you pick whatever grimy fish catching show you want on Netflix and I will watch it with you.. 
While you're rubbing my feet...
Thanks dear!

Our life is not perfect..

but that's what gives the character that makes it beautiful.

And I wouldn't want to share it with anyone else. Love you!


  1. This made me smile, Happy Anniversary!

  2. Happy Anniversary my dear friend! :) I hope your day was just as magical as each of the moments you have shared!

  3. I loved this! Your husband seems fun, like a big kid himself (mine is too).