Monday, June 18, 2012

like a thief in the night... happy anniversary honey!

Ahhhh... June 18th. Our six seven year anniversary. (kidding dear--I remembered!) 

Today is a tribute to my wonderful, loving husband because he deserves it. Really.. he totally deserves this.

The other night we went on a romantic date. To where else? Menards. On the way he asked me if I had any ideas for a Father's Day or Anniversary blog. I said "No. Why? What would you write about?"

Without hesitating he said, "I would call it the Seven Year Itch... except with a "B"


Without further ado...

Reasons why I love my husband

He's a GREAT dad..

He always knows the best way to comfort our children

and they really love playing with him.

He helps out around the house

And he has the best ears

EVER for our kids to play with.

He's a hopeless romantic

and still wooing me every chance he gets..
He supports all my crazy ideas.


And he brings such energy to our home.


He's a hard worker,

but knows when he needs to take time

to PLAY!

He's good at sports

and a great fisherman...

But the biggest thing I love about my husband is the serious heart-to-heart talks we have...
and the fact that he's not easily embarrassed!! :)

Ahhhh... I feel so much better now. 
Justice has been served. :)

Really and truly though.. I hate to get too sappy, but he honestly is all those things and more. 

He was the first person to buy me a paint set and canvases when I confided to him that I'd always wanted to try painting, but had never been able to take an art class in high school.

He dug up a little tree in the dark of night from my Grandma & Grandpa's farm place before it was sold, so we could have a little of their memory growing at our home.

He gives me a hard time about all my "junk" I collect, but he has shown up more than once with a truck bed full of pallets, windows, or old boards for me.. just because he knew I would want it.

He agreed to move back to his hometown (something we read later in my old journal he said he never wanted to do... oops!) and remodel an old farm house.. just because I wanted to.

Just the other day he stopped suddenly in the middle of the road to jump out and pick me a wildflower. :)

AND... he spent his Father's Day setting up our pool.
For the... kids? I think...

If you're curious why this blog is titled "Like a thief in the night" it's because apparently after my very first post when I talked about what I would blog about, he was quite offended that I didn't mention him. So I promised that someday I would devote a blog entirely to him, and it would come like a thief in the night...
Today I am making good on that promise...
I love you honey!!


  1. You are a woman of my heart! Love the silly pictures of your husband and your witty writing is awesome! Good post :o)

  2. Such an excellent post and great photos! I love lots of photos!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your kind words. I'm your newest follower!


  3. He is an amazing fisherman :) I was seriously LOL at that picture :D The BEST! :D

  4. Those pictures are pure awesome. Haha! Stopping by front the hop. Newest follower via GFC :) I'd love if you stopped by Me + the Moon!

    - Nicole

  5. You forgot to mention that he makes a fabulous Easter Bunny! :-)

    1. oooooohhhh... might have to do a "thief in the night: part 2" great idea!! just have to transfer that from a VHS to digital... :) hee hee hee

  6. Hi! Oh my gosh, I looove this dedication to your husband. It is hilarious! I am def. a new follower..found you on the Monday Mingle blog hop and so glad I did!
    From Cassandras Corner

  7. Happy anniversary! I can't believe your wedding was 7 years ago! Wow! Congrats!

    1. i know! we were showing the kids our wedding pics and you were in one of them.. with some old boyfriend.. lol!!

    2. Haha...We weren't even really dating (although I think I wanted to be!)

  8. Congrats on 7 years of marriage!! Some very sweet memories :o)

  9. oh my gosh..the pictures are so fun!! your house looks so fun!!
    happy anniversary!

  10. Happy anniversary!! Ours is tomorrow, the 20th, and we'll be celebrating 4 years! You guys look like you have so much fun together!


  11. I died laughing and then I dried my eyes and read your sweet words and then saw the pic of your hubby in the pool-- the one he "set up for the kids" and I died again. =)

    Stopping in to say hi and thanks for linking up last wordless Wednesday. We are up and ready for to host sweet friends for this wordless Wednesday, I'd love it if you were with us.

    And, mostly Happy Anniversary!!! May your day be filled with a thousand wild flowers and giggles and love.