Thursday, June 14, 2012

Who says therapy isn't fun?

Well... Ella for one.

A few weeks ago our PT dropped off a tube thing-ey that she thought Ella might benefit from and.. enjoy? 
Apparently Ella doesn't agree..

Fortunately we've found some ways to put it to good use.
Child may or may not have pants on here.. Might want to sanitize this Kristene... :)

Isn't this how everyone sleeps? 

back stretcher-outer-thinger... niner......?

good hide-and-seek spot!
Child now has pants on... whew!
hamster wheel?

"He's not heavy.. he's my brother!"

Yee Haw!

strange ostrich-child
he may be stuck
him too..
daredevil stunts

y-M-c-a anyone?
"Hang on. This is gonna be awesome."

While Ella looks on in horrified silence...
Quite certain she will never touch that thing again.

Oh well... we tried!


  1. Oh poor Ella! Following you from the TGIF blog hop. I hope you will stop by Swanky Baby and follow us too! Have a good weekend!

    Swanky Baby

  2. Do they make this toy in an outdoor version? You have that killer hill that would be GREAT to roll down! (ps--I'm back!)

  3. Looks like you will get some use out of it? New Follower from the mom hop!

  4. So cute! Glad they put it to good use! Your kids are very creative! :)