Tuesday, June 12, 2012

to paint or not to paint...

The past week or two I've had an itch. An itch I just couldn't scratch. An itch that just kept growing and growing with each passing day, making me anxious, tense, and maybe a little tempermental. An itch to build something, to make something, to DO something..

Typically we spend our weekends working really hard on all kinds of projects around the house, wondering when we'll be done (never), and wishing we had more time for "fun" stuff. Well, the past 2 weekends we have been busy with class reunions, extended family time, camping, fishing, swimming.. all of which were SO FUN! 

But I didn't realize how much I missed that feeling that comes every Sunday night where we finally hang up the tools, sit down and RELAX. Tired and exhausted, but proudly thinking back on everything we accomplished (and how much we still have left..) The past two weeks the time that I could have had to work on something, Ella has decided to skip a nap or just be plain ol fussy.. (I'm thinking about revoking that "Baby of the Year Award" I prematurely nominated her for... seems like it's gone to her head.) and I just haven't gotten that feeling of accomplishment I needed from a job well done. Or really, just a job done. Ok.. let's be real. A job merely started... And I was REALLY craving it.

Thankfully the hubby recognized that strained going-to-hurt-somebody-if-i-don't-use-a-power-tool-or-wet-a-paint-brush-soon look on my face at supper and asked if I wanted some time to myself after the kids went to bed. 


So I took a short walk, then headed down to the barn to build something.. ANYTHING!! 

Did I mention I have my very own grain bin board pile? Yup, I was pretty pumped when we decided I could have that space all to myself. 

Not so happy when it ended up looking like this..

*Sigh... I was picturing something a little more... organized? 

It does make the 'perfect old board' treasure hunt a little more fun... while escalating the risk of contracting tetanus at the same time.. 

Good thing my shot is pretty current.. Funny story-a few years ago I stepped on a nail and as I had NO idea when my last tetanus shot was, I called the doctor wondering if I should come in and get one. The nurse assured me that I should be fine as it looked like I had had one not even a year ago... What??? I still cannot remember for the life of me what I did to get that first one. ha!

Well, anyways, I dragged some real gems from our old barn wood down to the new barn and started working away. 

I had seen this on Pinterest and fell in love.

So I decided to make something similar. And this is how it turned out!

I built it to fit in the space between the living room and dining room, where the wall we knocked out used to be. (which yes, I know, still isn't done. I need to work on developing an itch to finish that...)

But NOW I am faced with a huge dilemma.. I was planning on painting it a similar color to what is in the picture but I am finding I really like it this way too!! It kinda looks nice next to the red brick chimney.. I keep going back and forth on what I want to do and I CAN NOT decide. 


What do you think? Paint or no paint?

Ahhhh.. I DO feel so much better having yet another unfinished project tucked under my belt though... :)


  1. You did a really good job creating that bench and it looks properly finished and stable. My suggestion is not to paint. I like the natural wooden appearance, especially if it is against a light background. Red is not a bad idea if it compliments the other pieces in the room. Still at least you got to de-stress and loose yourself in a DIY project.

    1. thank you! the consenses on my facebook page seems to be leave it unpainted... guess i can always paint it later if i so decide.. :)

  2. Wish I could add my 2 cents but I can't see the Pinterest picture. I really like how it looks now though.

    1. ugghhh.. fixing that. guess i should preview.. :)

  3. Thanks for stopping by Maria! I say paint it something bold to make it stand out. You did such a beautiful job that you should make it say, "hey look at me!"

    Following you back.


    1. oooohhhh... you are the first to say paint it! :)

  4. I am so following your blog now. I was cracking up the whole time I read this post, but not at the fact that you stepped on a nail...OUCH!

    By the way, I like the way it is now.

    1. thanks! i will head on over to your blog now! :)

  5. That is so cute! I am so jealous you can do stuff like that....I am glad you got your time away, I am the same way, wanting to create...just not as amazing as you create!!
    Jenny D.

    1. thanks! but this was so so totally easy... i feel bad about people thinking it's amazing.. lol