Monday, February 24, 2014

Photo Update

 Oye.. I've had such a hard time finding my way to the computer to blog lately. We've been busy. And tired. And oh so full of excuses. At any given moment I have at least 6 different blog posts circling around in my head that are screaming to be typed out, yet the time and energy to do so escape me. Every day. I've been falling behind on so many house projects and basic upkeep but the past week or so I've recommitted to finishing and keeping up. Proof? On today's to-do list.. Take down remaining Christmas decorations and finish Valentine's Day sign I started making. Preferably before Easter.. Okay sad.

Anyways.. here's a little of what we've been up to lately.
Learning to sit up (and be cheesy..)
Playing doctor (Hmmm.. wherever could Hudson have learned to be cheesy??)
Enjoying a few days of our 50 degree heat wave (before today's snowstorm).

Swinging outside for the first time.
A little goat riding

And finishing up some projects around the house.
Maybe.. uh... maybe it wasn't such a good idea to paint on the ladder while the kids were awake.
In my defense.. not my fault they've been waking up early from their naps nearly every day. 

More posts to come soon!


  1. Too cute! Glad you were able to enjoy a few nice days outside!

  2. I do remember you being super excited when Ella learned to climb! This was only a matter of time . . . :-)