Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Daddy's Little Helper

Every once in awhile I find myself comparing Ella to what the boys were doing at her age. I don't mean to. I don't want to. But sometimes the thought just sneaks in. Most of the time I can shoo it away, but every once in awhile I just can't shake it.

That was the case whenever I thought about what the boys were doing with their Daddy at Ella's age. At 3 years old they were his little shadows. As soon as he got home from work they were right by his side, push mowers ready, mud boots on, tool belts strapped, and ready to work. In some ways Ella is the same way. When Daddy gets home from work she runs to him and doesn't want to leave his side either. (They're all traitors..) But the difference with her is that often it's too difficult for him to bring her out to work along side him, at least if he actually wants to get anything done. Either she gets scared at a loud noise (like the lawn mower or tractor), only wants to be held and carried everywhere, or has a meltdown because you might leave her sight for a second. Now JJ spends a LOT of time with Ella, but when he wants to get something done outside she doesn't get to go along. And that makes me sad. Not only is it one more thing she can't do, but it means I'm stuck in the house with the 2 littles. Again.

Well, even after Ella started walking outside on her own on May 19, 2014 (but really.. who's keeping track?) it still wasn't always like she was running all over the yard from dawn to dusk like the boys were at that age. (And actually that's okay.. there's still that whole road-thing) She would walk outside sometimes, but it had to be on her terms. When she was done, she was done. And you were going to hear about it. Every day though, she got a little better at walking outside and more confident chasing her brothers around. She's always been "Daddy's Little Girl," but eventually by the end of the summer she was more than ready to tack on "Daddy's Little Helper" to her title. 

These days if we're outside playing and she sees Daddy working down in the barn, she takes off across the yard, over the driveway and into the barn to 'help.' She's gotten much better about entertaining herself if he's busy, not getting scared of the sound of the saw (riding on the tractor or lawn mower might take some more work) and loves LOVES to 'help' drill and measure.

Throughout the summer I started hearing less 'I'm going outside to work" and more "Ella's coming with me!" I would stand in the doorway and watch as these two headed out the door, tools in hand, ready for their next adventure. No, it isn't exactly what the boys were like at 3 years old. 
But it's still pretty darn sweet.

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  1. Reading that brought tears (as always) knowing I'm in that same boat with you at exactly the same time... Knowing how quickly time slips by... And enjoying that Allys "time" has been extended a little longer than others