Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Mommy's Helper Too

Not only has Ella been quite the little 'Daddy's Helper' lately, but she also LOVES to help mommy around the house. Every time I try to sneak the broom out to clean up the mess on the floor (which is pretty often with this guy around..)

she is right there beside me, ready to help. 
She loves to 'sweep.'

And especially loves to dump the dustpan into the trash when we're done.

She's also gotten really good at setting the table and loves running back and forth between the kitchen and dining room getting stuff to set out. It's fun to watch her spread the plates around, kindof where they're supposed to go.

And probably my most favorite way she helps me around the house is when she helps me bake. Early on in Ella's diagnosis I never imagined this was something she'd be able to help me do someday. One time, years ago, someone on Facebook posted a picture of their daughter helping them bake banana bread. I stared at that picture and grieved, thinking I would never ever get to experience that with my own daughter. 
I never get tired of saying it (about Ella..) 
I was wrong.
Ella loves to stand on a stool and be right beside me when I bake. She's gotten great at cracking eggs, and she loves to stir things up and make dirty every single utensil she can grab. 

It sounds SO stereotypical, but guess who just might be getting her own broom/dustpan and apron for Christmas???

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