Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Birthday Bash

I PROMISE I will get around to posting about Ella's gymnastics recital, but apparently my new computer isn't compatible with my video camera, sooooo... I might need someone tech smart to help me figure out what to do! In the meantime, we've had a pretty busy week around here. Two of my very favorite boys in the world had birthdays this week. NINE and SEVEN! How did that happen?

They got to have a friend sleepover, stayed up waaaaaaaay too late, ate a bunch of junk, played outside the entire evening/next day (I hardly even saw them), and got filthy dirty. So pretty much the perfect boys party! I seriously just love having little boys. Hand them a shovel, a sandpile, some boards and nails and they are good for HOURS, maybe even days if you throw a few sandwiches out the window every so often. 

Thank you to everyone who was able to come to their party and celebrate with them (especially the parents of their friends who probably had very tired, grubby children returned home to them)! I think we're finally starting to recover from it all. 

The morning of the birthday party (which was also Charlie's actual birthday as well) we were also excited to find out that one of our goats had her babies! Charlie is thrilled to share his birthday with such little cuties and thinks it's SO cool that one of them didn't know how to nurse so we got to milk the mama and bottle feed her. Uhhhhhh... yeah. Very cool. Until the 1am and 5am feedings!! (Thankfully she's got it figured out now!)

And the next day 2 more babies were born!

We also have been SUPER busy getting our home ready for an appraisal so we can (hopefully) get a construction loan to dig out a basement under our house. We worked way too long into the night way too many nights to get everything just perfect.. for a 10 minute walk through. *sigh. Now we wait and see what they say I guess.

It's been a crazy busy, but fun filled week with hopefully lots of good memories made. Charlie has been practicing his new scooter on the deck every day and I got to watch Nolan completely biff it on the lane this afternoon trying to figure out his new bike with hand brakes only. No broken bones yet, so all in all I consider it a success. :)

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