Wednesday, March 11, 2015

That's What She Said..

Sometimes I feel like I was jipped a little bit on the 'toddler stage' with Ella.
Since she crawled, walked, talked, everything so late, development was a little different with her. 
There's been a lot of things I missed and have been looking forward to experiencing with Hudson.

"I can't wait until Hudson is in that 'toddler stage'", she said

"It will be so nice when he can get around on his own."

"Ella was never much of an explorer. I hope Hudson is." 

"It's so cute when they start getting into things," she said 

"It will be so much fun to chase him around the house."

"I'm sure he'll be content with all the toys he has to play with."

"Won't it be great when he can get his own snacks??" 

"I'm so excited for when he's bigger and he and Ella play together better. They'll be best friends."

"That toddler stage I missed out on is just so much fun." 

 "I can't wait to do it again."

That's what she said...

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  1. LOL you are hysterical! I feel you on this one, sister. I soooo feel you on this.