Tuesday, September 18, 2012


HEY! Just wanted to give a quick SHOUT OUT to my all-time favorite Mom!
She has FINALLY gotten the subliminal messaging (screaming bloody-murder is subliminal, right? No? My bad..) 
about leaving the tray off my high chair!

I realize that this act was due largely to the fact that my tray was dirty (significant laziness on her part for not wanting to wash it.. or she didn't feel like doing it one-handed while hauling around a feed sack aka. me.. but whatever..) 
I just love getting in these easily accessible comfy eating positions.

And I can reach my toes SO much better!

Going tray-less has even given me the freedom to learn some new tricks when she walks away to get a washcloth. Fun, huh? 
(I have no idea why mom's face looked so panicked when she walked back in the room..)

But before you guys get too excited and nominate her for Mother-of-the-Year or something crazy like that I want to let you in on a little secret... Shhhhh... Sometimes she forgets (or dad washes the tray) and she actually tries to put it back on the highchair... I know, right????

Mom.. I'm not angry. Just disappointed...

Okay.. honestly? I was a little angry until I realized I can stand up with the tray on just as well.

Even in the tightest locked-back position.. Believe it.

I've also been doing a little "outside the box" thinking and have discovered an even better way to sit in this chair and godforsaken tray. 
How about a little ham with those potatoes, Mom?

All in all.. I think I'm really making some progress with this lady. 


  1. She is so stinkin cute! I adore her posts as well ;)

  2. Ham with those potatoes - and I laughed out loud!!! Love it!

  3. LOL This is hysterical and Adorable at the same time !!! glad I founf you on mommy brain mixer !!

  4. haha hilarious!! the things they can do!

    thanks for visiting the link up! it was great to cohost!


  5. Loved this! You are such a great blogger. :)