Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A "Super" Halloween

So I may be slightly anti-buying-your-children-adorable-yet-oh-so-expensive-Halloween-costumes-they'll-only-wear-once-for-just-a-few-short-hours.. I think it's a little ridiculous. I think it's a total waste of money. I think Halloween should be about being creative and using what you have.

Ooooorrrr maybe I'm just a little envious that we don't have it in our budget to spend that kind of money on making our children look super fabulous for those few hours... Either way. We don't do many store bought Halloween costumes around here unless that store is Goodwill. But let's face it... homemade costumes are WAYYYY better than even Goodwill, right??


That's why I decided to make my kids these super adorable superhero costumes from old t-shirts this year! Creative, inexpensive AND using what we have. Score!

*Shout out to Daddy and Uncle Tom for their old shirt donations!!

I used tutorials from here, here and here.

And they went off completely without a hitch!

I mean.. if you don't look at the skipped and knotted up stitches on the back of the capes because when they say 'don't sew over the non-sew interfacing' they really mean "DON'T SEW OVER THE NON-SEW INTERFACING"... or if you look past the bias tape seam that I put right smack in the middle of the masks instead of on the edge like a smarter person would have done.. or if you don't notice the shorter patch of carpet that is now our living room floor, suspiciously in the shape of a batman logo.. (hey-my husband ALMOST didn't notice me trimming the carpet he was so absorbed in the Sunday Night Football game.. so close!) or if you dismiss the fact that I spent so much time thinking about sewing the capes and masks and power cuffs I didn't even consider what they would wear UNDER those capes until.. oh... last night and the costumes are pretty unimpressive from the front which is where most people saw them from.. (in my defense I assumed a Nebraska October might include snow and winter coats.. NOT a balmy 65 degrees...)

And of course if you don't count the glaringly obvious reality that spiderman doesn't even wear a cape..

I think they turned out ok. ( - :

Oye... Maybe I should start saving now for some nice store-bought costumes next year...

Happy Halloween anyways!!


  1. Cute! I love DIY costumes! I bought my son's costume this year, but my daughter, my husband, and myself all wore DIY costumes!

  2. We picked up Charlie's costume for next year today at 60% off. There's a good chance he'll change his mind before then' but I think he already got $8 worth of enjoyment out of it this afternoon.

  3. As long as your kids liked them, who cares? We bought pajamas a size too big so we could layer them. $10 is still expensive, but they will wear them again, they came with capes, and they didnt have those ridiculous plastic 6 pack abs. Just an idea for next year for ya!