Monday, November 5, 2012


My amazing technologically gifted sister-in-law came home last weekend and was kind enough to come over to investigate the mystery of WHY in the WORLD I haven't been able to upload my movies from the camcorder onto my computer for the past 3 years..

She performed a series of exceptionally advanced degree, very involved, highly skilled maneuvers that included...

plugging the power cord into the wall...

Wow. Just wow. Who knew?
"Oh I am so embarrassed..."

The only bad thing now is that I can't get my iMovie to work so I have no program to actually play these videos on my computer.. therefore no way of knowing which is which (they come up in randomly marked folders on my Desktop.. with up to 3 different file versions of each one. I obviously have no idea why). So to upload them to YouTube I get to try to figure out which is which by guessing which random number code might be the one I want, waste oodles of my precious time uploading multiple wrong ones until finally, with only some amount of luck, stumbling upon the one I wanted.. It's really fun.

But let's not focus on my incapabilities too much more, shall we?

Onto Ella's capabilities. Walkering!! No.. not walking, as in all by herself.. You can bet the entire world will hear me shouting about that! But walking with assistance. It wasn't that long ago that I expressed concern to our PT that Ella cruised sideways around furniture so much she didn't know how to walk forwards.. But lately? It's all that girl wants to do! So since our house was not designed with long Olympic stretches of straight, smooth walkways I now spend my days following her and her walker around, helping her turn every corner, push over every doorway and rug bump, and making sure her walker doesn't fly out beneath her. Either that or holding the tips of her hands and walking all over with a hunched over back. For hours and hours and hours on end. I'm beginning to think God knows just how much a complete terror Ella is going to be when she actually does walk on her own and this is just His humorous way of preparing me for that by making me SO inconceivably sick of this stage I will have to be thankful for whatever is next..

So here it is folks.. A slightly (but just slightly.. don't get too excited) higher quality video of Ella walkering. Please excuse the bad taping job (did I not warn you that I had to help her around every corner and over every bump?), dirty floors, laundry piles heap, and annoying video-voice (unless that's what my normal voice sounds like.. in that case my apologies to everyone I've ever talked to..)


  1. Yay! For getting the video uploaded and Ella getting use of her walker!

  2. She is so cute! And you are so patient!

  3. The next time you come to play...bring it along...we'll take it to the basement and let her fly!!!:) BTW...I sound like octomom on video and pray that's not how I sound in real life!