Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Civic Duty: Ella Style

Well the election's finally over and along with it the host of negative TV ads, annoying phone calls, mail box full of flyers, and Facebook political rants are (hopefully) dying down.. Whether you're happy or sad about last night's election results something a friend posted on Facebook last night puts things in perspective..

"No matter the winner tonight we all have a chance to make the country a better place! Hold a door open for a stranger, teach your children kindness, volunteer, help those in need, compliment instead of judge, smile, and love those around you!! :)" Thanks Jess!

We really took that to heart around here. So even though Ella was far too young to vote in last night's election she was not to be left out.. I'm happy to say that she was creatively able to perform her civic duty today in her own unique and special way. Believe it or not, while we were waiting for 2 hours to get our oil changed this morning she singlehandedly guaranteed the job security of the two kindly custodians working there. How you ask? Well, while waiting for two hours and performing a modern day loaves and fishes miracle with 5 chocolate teddy grahams, 3 mini regular teddy grahams and Charlie's half-eaten Halloween monster cookie she toddled my aching back around for TWO HOURS, spreading her cookie crumb love all over their pristine showroom floor, fingerprinting their shiny new cars, and grubbily smudging her way along their entire wall of windows. All the while charming all the customers in the waiting area, the salesmen, receptionists, mechanics, and EVEN the custodians who were working tirelessly to keep things clean in the wake of the tornado that was Ella..

Did I mention we were there for TWO HOURS???

Oh, I suppose some may have interpreted the custodians glances our way as slightly irritated..
annoyed.. even a little exasperated? BUT, ever the optimist, I am convinced I saw understanding and appreciation shining in those weary eyes. Appreciation that their jobs were, in fact, necessary and much needed, even in this economy. With every swipe of their dust cloth, each push of their broom, and swish of their mop, they were guaranteed a spot in this workplace. Because of people like Ella. 

Your welcome.

So there you have it. Ella's civic duty. Just goes to prove you're never too small to help your country.

Raise your hand if you want a shiny red camaro!
pweese Daddy...