Sunday, January 6, 2013

celebrating 2 years

happy birthday to our sweet little Ella girl. 
you are perfectly and wonderfully made. 

Music: Blessings by Laura Story

This video expresses pretty amazingly how this day makes me feel. We love you Ella!


  1. What an amazing two years <>< Happy Birthday Ella!

  2. What a great video!! Loved watching, happy birthday to ELLA!!!

  3. Great job on the video! So beautiful! (and if you want to change the video size, go to the HTML when you're editing the post and I think the numbers are 266 and 300...w and h...just change them to bigger numbers. It took me forever to figure that out)

    1. thank you! I got the idea from this really great blogger I follow.. :) and THANK YOU for the tip on changing the size! I never would have figured that out!!

  4. Happy Birthday Ella!! (I didn't realize our daughters were only 8 days apart)