Thursday, January 17, 2013

Go Granny Go

Thank you all SO much for you congratulations and well wishes on our big announcement! We are incredibly, overwhelmingly, wonderfully over the moon TERRIFIED excited about this! And besides feeling entirely ancient when I tell people that this is baby #4 (How is it possible I'm even old enough to have had 4 babies??? Wasn't I just in high school last week? I wasn't.. for the record.) things are going well and I'm feeling pretty good. 

I have been assured by other CdLS parents that when their child started walking there was a major revolution in their independence. So that is what I'm banking on.. MAJOR. After months of inactivity from our walker due to lack of interest on Ella's part, I decided to unbury it from the pile of toys and stuffed animals it was smothered under to donate to our PT for her to use with other kids. You know.. kids who actually want to learn to walk on their own. Of course Ella saw the walker and it immediately became a prized possession akin to Charlie's broken airplane wing I tried to discard last week.. "But that's my favorite! I was going to play with that after rest time!!! Pleeeeease don't throw it away Mommy! Pwweeaasseee..."

Ella has been pretty excited about rediscovering her new "toy" and I am excited about the idea of her walking independently someday. Unfortunately though, it doesn't seem like the walker is doing much for her posture.. I can't help but sing a little every time..

Don't mind the Ninja/Samurai Warrior battle going on in the background..


  1. I so badly wanted Addison to walk by the time Carter was born so that I wouldn't have to carry a toddler and an infant seat everywhere, but queen Addison decided to wait until he was about six months old to start taking those steps. sigh. I sincerely wish you better luck with it! But I promise it is doable either way. (-:

  2. thanks for the support.. good to know it can be done. although the chiropractor and I might be bff's by the end of this!

  3. I love her face in this video, "like see mom, I told you it was my fave toy." I also enjoyed the ninja with the cowboy hat :)