Wednesday, February 6, 2013

and the gods of OLOGY day shined upon us

Ophthalmology, Gastrointestinology, and Cardiology.. Oh my!

We had all three of those yesterday and I do have to say that all in all things went very smoothly.. We had great weather for traveling, made it to all our appointments early (which I'm ashamed to admit NEVER happens), had naps on the way there and the way home (Ella.. not me), and got good news all around. 

Our busy day started with a 2 hour drive to Ophthalmology. Which took no more than... 2 minutes. Seriously. (SO glad that's not the only appointment we went for!) We no longer sat down in the waiting room than they called us back to the office.. Then we barely had time to take off our coats before the doctor waltzed in, shined a few lights, looked through a little microscope at warp speed and said we were good to go. We had barely even unwrapped our Nutragrain bar. Or stretched our legs. And we still had 2 hours before our next appointment. Another day of sacrifices I guess.. a trip to World Market. *sigh... And although our search for a functional yet cute homemade laundry soap container turned up short (if anyone has any ideas I'd love to hear them!) and we left without buying a single thing (which i didn't even know was possible and apparently my husband didn't either.. I probably shouldn't have clued him in to that little secret..) it was still a nice trip.          

Next up was lunch. We opted to eat at the hospital cafeteria since our next 2 appointments were there and I thought it would just be easier. They do have good food, and even though it's been over a year of me spending 5 weeks eating there every. single. day., I sometimes still have nightmarish flashbacks of the same ol food. Except today. The lunch special? Sweet and Sour Chicken over Fried Rice and Egg Rolls. *Ahhhhhhh!! (that was angels singing from Heaven to this happy pregnant lady if you didn't get that..) PLUS we got to see one of our old PICU nurses and a Respiratory Therapist who recognized us (which is a small miracle considering we haven't seen her for over a year, Ella's looks and personality have changed 200%, and I wasn't wearing my standard PICU wardrobe of ratty sweatpants, sweatshirt and slippers sans make-up. In fact.. one time while Ella was a patient I had a family picture of us on our desk and one of the nurses asked if that was my sister. Until she realized it was me. With makeup on. lol) 

Anyways.. we had plenty of time to enjoy our lunch, walked down to GI and we weren't even stepped away from the check-in desk when the nurse came to the waiting room and called our name. No waiting for us today! While our GI doc wasn't thrilled with Ella's weight gain (or lack thereof) I know she's doing fine, so I'm not worried at all. Next appointment I think I'll come better armed with CdLS growth charts, Ella's proportion scale (which she's right on track for) and plenty of testimonies of CdLS kids just being small so she never dares to utter the words G-tube to me again.. (unless there is, of course, a good reason Ella would need one. I just don't think being proportionately perfect, growing in height 2 inches since our last appointment, being at the top of the CdLS growth chart, and pretty on track developmentally are good reasons to get one. Just sayin'...)

Then we walked across the hall to Cardiology where we were told Ella was their best patient of the day. Of course.. :) She was getting tired though and I was a little worried about how her Echo cardiogram was going to go, especially when the tech shut the door and Ella started screaming her head off. But never underestimate the power of the Praise Baby movie and a package of fruit snacks! She was an absolute ANGEL for the entire procedure, sat completely still, and barely moved a muscle. She even waved and smiled to the other tech. The Dr. said everything still looks great with her heart so we'll keep on track with her yearly check ups. It's amazing to think that only 2 years ago Ella was a tiny little 6 pound baby laying on that table getting her very first echo, with scared out of their minds apprehensive parents near by, and to think how far she (and we) have come!

You know.. a few years ago the thought of taking one of my children to just one of these type of appointments would have struck fear and anxiety in me. I'm sure I would have worried incessantly, over-analyzed everything, and been stressed to the limit. Today? I can handle ophthalmology, gastrointestinolgy, and cardiology all in one day, all by myself, without even breaking a sweat. I'm not saying that as a testiment to my own strength or know-how, but as proof that there is nothing special or unique about me that makes me any better for this job than anyone else. It's all about adapting and adjusting to what life throws at us. Aaaaanndd, Chinese Food paired with a little World Market mixed in there doesn't hurt a bit either. :)

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  1. Glad you got some good reports and that you didn't have to do too much waiting. I know when I have accompanied my sister to Jackson's appointments, they aren't always so speedy...or even close to on time.