Friday, February 8, 2013

Evil Knievel Ella

I've mentioned before that you just do NOT walk away from Ella in her high chair. Under any circumstances. But I didn't go into why.. The reason is not because she throws food all over the floor. Or smears it in her hair. Or screams her little lungs out (well a little of that...).

It's because she turns into Evil Knievel Ella, performing anti gravity, death defying stunts that can stop even the strongest beating heart in a fraction of a second..

You may leave her looking like this

 But mere seconds later you could find any one of these scenarios..

I sincerely do NOT understand why she is too timid to take steps on her own..


  1. Walking isn't nearly as fun as climbing, though! You know that!

  2. good luck!!!!
    once my kids started climbing out of stuff like cribs and high chairs I stopped using them...then they said they wanted them back!