Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Fundraising Update

First of all, THANK YOU so much for all the support from my last post about fundraising for 2014 CdLS Conference. Thank you for all the ideas, support, and offers of help! I was humbly overwhelmed by everyone's response. For the first time, this actually feels real instead of a distant dream. Like, maybe we really can make it to California next summer. We'll see..

For now, my kitchen and I are becoming pretty tight BFF's, preparing for a
this coming Saturday. 
(Okay.. I might have had a Sunday evening fling with some brown paper bags and leftover scrapbook paper too..)

Some other ideas for fundraising I'm entertaining is a possible dinner or breakfast of sorts this winter, along with either a raffle or silent auction. And this spring, a potential 5K. This is the idea I'm most excited about. Maybe because it's the farthest away and I don't have to think much about planning it quite yet. Or maybe it's because I think if I can sit on my butt and plan a 5K I can pretend I'm actually in the same club as my athletic friends who actually run 5K's (and longer).. Either way it sounds like fun and something we could even make into an annual event to help raise money and awareness for the CdLS Foundation. 

Anyways, if anyone has any Bake Sale expertise or ideas/opinions (ie: what would you pay for a loaf of banana  bread? or a dozen cookies? I have absolutely no idea what to charge..) I would love to hear them. Judging by how things go on Saturday, at this time next week we'll either be one step closer to California or 300 pounds heavier from consuming the leftovers.. I'll let you know. :)

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  1. Go to the grocery store, see what they are charging. Then double it. :-)