Thursday, October 24, 2013

Week in Review

Discovered mouse in house... disgusted.

Hearing test reveals tubes have fallen out and Nolan can only hear 50% of what we say... exasperated

Notice Charlie's first permanent tooth has grown in... excited!

Realize soon after he will need some serious dental work... depressed, start saving now.

Call every dentist in the tri-state area to have mortifying amount of cavities filled for Charlie and also discuss this new severely out of place tooth, but can't be seen for months... discouraged

Dog kills 2 chickens... P.O.-ed.

Eat peanut butter by the spoonful along with bag of chocolate chips... feel better.

Husband discovers dirty peanut butter spoon and half eaten bag of chocolate chips... feels sheepish.

Plan to attend former high school's last ever Homecoming football game... sad they have to close their doors.

Call credit card companies and other bill places to complain about late charges and interest fees on bills I didn't even receive... irritated.

Find those bills buried in a pile of papers... oops.

Get Ella to sleep, Hudson wakes up. Get Hudson to sleep, Ella wakes up, etc.... tired.

Start to make banana bread and realize husband threw away all bananas the night before... annoyed.

Husband brings home chocolate covered potato chip ice cream... husband is redeemed and I can handle life again.


  1. Love this post!!! Sounds like many weeks I have had, especially when my kids were younger!

  2. I have done the same with bills. ;) oops! Your treats sound yummy!