Sunday, April 15, 2012

late night rendezvous

This weekend JJ's family was home, so we spent Saturday night hanging out with his brothers, sister, and their wife/girlfriend/husband. It was so much fun and we got home REALLY late. Okay... it was a little after 10. 

Anyways.. Ella had been sleeping/passed out in Jess's arms for awhile, so when we decided we were getting close to too tired to drive the 1/2 mile home, we threw her in her carseat and headed up the road. When we got home, she started to wake up a little, and as it was practically the middle of the night, we did NOT want that. So what did we do? Shut off the lights, tip toed past her, and went upstairs to bed, hoping she would fall back asleep in her (unbuckled) car seat.

We didn't hear a peep out of her all night, so we assumed all was well. Until this morning. JJ woke up and went downstairs to find this.

An empty carseat

Thankfully the baby escape artist hadn't gone too far. 

She was happily munching on a cowboy boot and she looked rather surprised to see us.
"Oh hey dad... Bout time you got up."

I wonder what she was doing all night???

"Anyone else want a snack? I've kindof got the munchies..."

"Wow mom.. Next time we get groceries, I am totally throwing some good stuff in the cart.."

"Oh, how I love you squeaky pop-up toy"

"Ah-HA! I am the new Hunter Hero!!"

"Dress-up time!!"

"You posted WHAT about me on facebook!?!"

I'm sure she had quite the adventurous night, but I'll tell you what she wasn't doing..

Ella was NOT folding this heap of laundry,

putting away dishes,

OR taking the trash out...

The sight of these messes is apparently enough to make Ella cry... 
Guess I better get to work and pick up her slack. :)

Hope everyone had a good weekend!