Monday, April 30, 2012

new therapy tool?

I realize that to some (my husband) this "tool" could possibly be seen as the unintentional aftermath of this morning's chaos and the housekeeping motivation, or lack thereof, of the inhabitants
upon closer inspection, I would choose to argue that it very clearly is a clever physical therapy tool, used to promote strength and agility, combining a discarded pajama bottom and a haphazardly-strewn blanket, crafted by yours truly.

Check it out.
You decide.

Imagine the theme song from "Rocky" playing in the background if you will..

And the should-really-be-off-limits suction cup arrow at the end was all part of the plan.
It's genius, really.
I should probably look into a patent or something... :)


  1. Wow--my house is an entire TRAINING facility!