Thursday, March 21, 2013

Dear World, From Ella

Dear Blogging World,

I am writing to inform you of a very serious injustice currently being committed right here in my very own home. As many of you know I decided to let the cat out of the bag a few weeks ago and clue my parents in that I actually can climb the stairs by myself. At first they were very excited and I got an outrageous (yet entirely appropriate) amount of claps, cheers and praises. Hugs and kisses were doled out on a minutely basis and life was oh so good. But after only a few short days I noticed something not quite right.. As I crawled around the corner to perform my newest death-defying trick, I saw it.

That's right.. portable baby jail. 
How could they?!?

 I worked so hard on keeping this secret from them from so many months. 
They waited so long to see it. And now it is being denied me??
Well played parents.. Well. Played.

They couldn't possibly be banning me from the stairs because I often get to the very top, stand up, let go, and decide I would rather walk down holding the railing than crawl down backwards like mommy taught me.. Who cares that I can barely even reach the railing.. that's how everyone else in this house gets down the stairs, why can't I?

And I'm sure it's not because sometimes I just stand on the stairs and scream because I would rather have mommy carry me down than do it myself.. What? Just because I can do something doesn't always mean I will. (note: I NEVER do this for dad..) And mom-you of all people should understand this.. You physically can go wash those dishes right now, can't you? That's what I thought...

I'm fed up with it.
This baby jail is putting too much of a damper on my daily fun of sneaking out of the room 
to tower on the top stair with no hands and give mommy heart attacks.
I fully expect that with your help this issue can and will be resolved in a timely manner. 
Until then I will continue to handle myself with the great dignity and self-respect I have been..

Oh.. and it seems something else strange has been going on around here today. 
Presents and cookies and ice cream and specials treats like skipping rest time and watching movies.. 
but apparently it's not all about me so I'm not too concerned.. 

Sincerely, Ella

Happy Birthday Charlie!


  1. HA! Sounds like you have a pretty awesome mama, Miss Ella!

  2. I love love love posts by Ella. She has it all figured out ;o)