Thursday, March 7, 2013

Mozart Ella

I mentioned a few weeks ago that Ella discovered we own a piano. I'm not sure how it happened.. A boy must have come by and randomly pounded on a key (we obviously don't play it much..) and Ella was intrigued. Her curiosity led to fascination. Which led to complete and utter obsession. 

Ella LOVES to play the piano. 

The past few weeks we have endured many hours stationed at the piano bench, countless meal times of whining fits because she can see the piano from her seat at the table, and many pounding headaches from all those pounding keys. And.. it sounds crazy but it really seems to be paying off. She's actually getting really good. 
She.. well.. just check it out for yourself.                    


  1. There are parts of that video where her hands line up perfectly...LOL :) Glad you are enjoying the music!

    1. I know! lol.. I didn't even try to edit that. :)

  2. OMG...Maria, I just laughed so hard! I love it!