Monday, March 18, 2013

Weekend Update

Here we are.. entering Week #4 of random illnesses rampaging our house. Week #1 found us battling some kind of stomach-achey-don't-feel-like-eating-crabby-all-day-clingy-and-whiney-bug-thingey. Week #2 was a stuffy-runny-nose-bronchitious-cough-crabby-all-day-clingy-and-whiney-bug-thingey. And Week #3 was a doozey, presenting us with RSV-and-Strep-crabby-all-day-clingy-and-whiney-thingey... (Anyone notice a theme here??) Of course this last illness came directly on the heels of me bleaching every doorknob, light switch, and surface in our house and actually feeling like I had my life together for a day or so.. making pre-made freezer meals, keeping the house picked up, dishes done, and not succumbing to my usual attitude this time of year of "Eh.. I'll mop when spring is over." 

And the universe rebelled. 

We were hammered with 10 inches of ice and snow on Monday

then RSV and Strep for Ella on Wednesday, Strep for Nolan on Thursday, and an ever-present, constant, cannot stop for a single minute cough for Charlie lasting alllll last week and into this. 
(Do I sound frazzled? I feel frazzled..)

Has anyone else ever had fish? And maybe you neglect to clean their tank for... far too long. And one day you realize you can't even see your fish through the haze of scum and grime.. And you decide to clean the tank. And you scrub and scrub until it's sparkling and shiny. And you put the fish back in, expecting them to thrive in their new bacteria free environment. And you wake up the next morning to find them floating belly up. Because their poor little bodies just couldn't handle the shock of these conditions..

Yeah.. that's how I feel. I guess perhaps our bodies just aren't meant to have our lives all together... 
Oh well. It was a good run. 

On the up side, Ella is getting pretty good at this sick thing. I found her taking her own temperature,

then crawling around with a medicine cup, apparently self-medicating.. 
And then later sticking the snot sucker up her nose and sniffling. 
Followed by promptly putting it in her mouth.. Ugh.

But anyways.. thank you for all your thoughts and prayers and concern last week. We seem to slowly be on the mend and are pretty excited that Ella managed to stay out of the hospital and without any exciting emergency transportation this time.

I am hopeful (fingers crossed..) that week #4 will be a week of healing and a turning point for our disease-stricken home so we can get out and enjoy this spring weather.. you know.. whenever we start to get it. 

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