Wednesday, May 16, 2012

M&M Monster

The other day Ella wasn't eating much for lunch, so I took it upon myself to go that extra mothering mile to get some extra calories in her by cracking open a little bag on mini M&M's.. She nibbled on a few and after awhile turned away, so I stuffed the bag on the shelf under the coffee table for future bribing use.

And I kindof forgot about it.

This afternoon Ella was playing on the floor, happy as a pig-talked lark, and I was wasting time on Facebook doing very important work on the computer when I heard a familiar clinking noise.

I looked down to see this.
"Caught ya red-handed"

And then this. 
"Hey! Innocent until proven guilty.."

And then this. 
"Quite condemning evidence I'd say.."

And finally this.
"Good thing I'm cute!"

She was so proud of herself!
I think I've created a monster. :)