Thursday, May 3, 2012

Why it's good to be me, By Ella

Hi everyone! I just wanted to pop in quick while my mom is distracted.. Ok, she's actually voraciously polishing off 1/2 a pan of those Rhubarb Dream Bars, but don't tell her I said so. Apparently she admires my quadruple thighs so much, she wants a pair too? Someone please tell her to stop. They're MUCH cuter on me..

I've got a pretty sweet life over here and I just wanted to share a few reasons why
"It's Good to Be Me"

     1. My mom lets me eat Fruit Loops for breakfast. I know, right??? Something about wanting to get as many calories in as possible and not caring where they come from... All I know is she would never dream of giving my brothers sugary cereal for breakfast so that must make me pretty awesome.

     2. She also sneaks jelly beans out of their Easter Basket for me. (Just the pink and red Starburst ones.) Shhhh....

     3. I never NEVER have to "cry it out". I get a terribly gassy tummy every time I cry for, oh.. say.. 3 seconds or so. Thus, my mom picks me up immediately at the first signs of the slightest whimper. This allows me to pretty much control the tempo of my therapy time.. and let me tell you.. I like it pretty lax.

     4. I've been hearing pretty awful rumors from other kids my age that they're being told a filthy little 2-letter word called..... *Dramatic pause*..... "No."  I can assure you I never hear this word and quite certainly expect I never will.

     5. My mom has been the only girl in the house for almost 7 years. She possibly overdoes it with the pretty clothes/hair bows for me. What can I say?? I already have a 4 swimsuit rotation for this summer.

     6. I have the best big brothers in the world. Actually.. let me rephrase that "My big brothers have the best hair for pulling in the world." There. Better.

     7. I am a PICU princess. Who else gets pedicures in the hospital and personal phone calls from their PICU doctor after coming home?

     8. The music to my world is applause. Seriously, I get clapped at for everything I do. Aren't I the 3rd child? You'd think my parents would be a little over seeing a baby 'simply' raise their arms over their head...

     9. I am so incredibly loved. By... pretty much everyone I meet.

     10. And I'm pretty adorable too... My mom tells me it's not nice to hoard all the cuteness from the other babies, but what does she know??

Well, gotta go. Looks like my mom's "Project: Inhale as many Rhubarb Bars in as Little Time Possible" is over. It's time for me to cry so she'll set me on her lap and I can hold her hands and make her clap them over. and over. and over. It's pretty much the only thing I want to do lately. All day. Consider it payback for the months of clapping therapy and hand-over-hand sign language you try to teach me, Mom.. (insert villainous chuckle)



  1. lol- Maria I am so loving your blog! You are such a good writer, it is so fun to see what is going on in your life. Thanks for always being real and optimistic- it brightens my day. ;)

  2. I love the villainous laugh!! She just needs a "mini-me."