Thursday, May 10, 2012

So what has Ella been up to these past couple days?

Ohhhh... nothing much.

You know..

providing her signature slobber-fest to every.single. pair of sunglasses 
she can swipe off innocent bystanders' startled heads.

putting some serious moves on that oh-so-cute baby in the mirror 

watching her ridiculously crazy brothers run up the walls... 

and ceilings...

learning to play--



pulling to stand and standing !!!

We had a pretty severe initial bad reaction to this toy... sheer TERROR.

BUT.... given a few days weeks of a painfully slow reintroduction process, 
all hard feelings have been set aside, grudges have (seemingly) been resolved, 
and I see a beautiful friendship blooming before my eyes. 

Good thing, because although her legs are very strong, 
her hips seem to made out of a substance strikingly similar to jell-o. 
*sigh... I forsee this toy being a part of our decor for a looooong time..

side note: I'm pretty sure I might have been risking a concussion 
as I walked away to take this picture (remember... jell-o hips?), 
but the mamarazzi in me decided the benefits outweighed the risks...

Aren't you glad? SO cute!

But SO much work!
Needless to say, naptime came a little early today. 

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  1. Pulling to a stand??!!!!! AWESOME! She has grown leaps and bounds in the past few weeks! It must be the rhubarb . . .