Wednesday, May 23, 2012


I am so happy I finally found time to work in my weed patch garden!

But I am so embarrassed to admit that after only 2 hours of pulling weeds, I am exhausted...

And pathetic.


I think I actually fell asleep this afternoon while reading the boys the longest and most boring book ever

So no witty words of wisdom until this feeble body regains some strength. (and maybe not even after that..or before that... what??? nevermind--I told you I'm tired...)

Allow me to make up for your sure-disappointment with these classic pictures from this week

move over little dog..

"No, mom, we don't need to change out of our nice clothes. We're just going to walk by the mud."
Famous last words...

Safety first: those sharp little fingernails will get you if you're not careful.

Apparently he took the "safety first" a little more seriously... I guess we really should clip those nails...

no idea..... ha!

total look of confusion as to why she is surrounded by crazy people. 

That was our week so far in a nutshell.. Maybe the weed patch garden isn't the only reason I'm so tired... Hmmm... I'll think about it in the morning.


  1. ha ha, those are great. You're 2 hours ahead of me in my weeding :-)

  2. How cute ARE they?! LOVE the pics! As for the weeding, every time I think about it I have to rest because the thought of all that I have to do exhausts me. My solution? Don't do it at all. We are comfortable living like the Munsters!