Tuesday, May 15, 2012

picture this

So I've been meaning to take "nice" pictures of my kids for a long loooong time... so long, in fact, that I am very much ashamed to admit that I don't have ANY "nice" pictures of all 3 kids, or even Ella at all!

It seemed like I was always waiting for something--waiting for Ella to sit up on her own, waiting for bad haircuts to grow out, waiting for a nice day, waiting for the feeding tube to come out.... and then it seemed like whenever I would try to plan it, something would randomly occur.. thunderstorms, multiple black eyes, swollen-shut eyes from bug bites, salmonella poisoning... it just wasn't in the cards for us..

Until this weekend.

I was SO excited!! The weather was perfect, all eyes were clear, noses were tube-free, AND they all had naps. At the SAME time!! Clearly this was some sort of miraculous sign from above... YES! This was the weekend...

So I spent too many hours carefully picking out their cute little matching outfits, dreaming up photo locations, clearing my memory card, charging my camera battery... And Saturday night we finally set out to take the highly anticipated pictures I'd been dreaming of for months.

Everything really came together.

The kids were clearly thrilled to be there.

The lighting was perfect.

They did a exceptional job of looking at the camera,

and charmed me with their bright eyes.

Their outfits really looked nice,

and my camera focused amazingly well.


The kids did an admirable job of listening.. 

They payed attention,

showcased their adorable faces,

and brilliant smiles.

Ella was in a fabulous mood.

the entire time...

and sat up all by herself, with no help what-so-ever from the large hand and dark blob oddly situated behind her.

Did I mention everyone was in a great mood?

Anyways, I was so happy to get those "nice" pictures of all 3 kids my heart has been so desperately longing for.

When I got home I sorted the pictures into 2 folders.
 They were labeled: 'Decent' and 'So Awful They're Funny.'

I'll let you guess which folder has waaaaaay more...

How did people do this before Photoshop??
I am hoping to scrap together bits and pieces from all 331 photos I took, 
in an attempt to get one decent one...

I'll let you know how it goes.


  1. Thank you for some giggles first thing in the morning! Hopefully you can get some good photshopping done to get the picture you were looking for :o)

  2. Love it! Of course you'll look back at these someday and appreciate the "dark blobs" and stuck tights more that the 'good' ones!
    By the way, I didn't realize Ella had a 'fro and a 3rd eye ball . . . (see "Great mood" picture)

  3. Haha :) That is adorable! Hope you can scrap together a photo or two!