Thursday, May 17, 2012

'School's Out For The Summer!!"

Dear Nolan,

Today I am going to get a little sentimental-sappy-mommy-cliche on you. I hope you'll forgive me.. but how is it possible you are already done with Kindergarten?? 

It really does seem like just yesterday I watched you, my sweet baby boy, walk down our lane to get on the bus for your very first day. 

I watched with tears in my eyes and wondered if the day would ever come that I could watch you walk away and not feel as if my heart was ripping out of my chest.

I will admit that throughout the year, our mornings have slightly evolved to include "Come on... It's time to get up... NOW" And often include me shouting out the door "Hurry up!!! You're going to miss the bus!!!" as I wrestle a new diaper on a squirmy Ella while trying to distract a sullen, playmate-less Charlie.

But I do still feel a little tug every time I watch you walk away. Every time you climb on that big yellow school bus that I still have a hard time believing you're old enough to ride.. I don't think that 'tug' will ever go away.

I remember the night before Kindergarten started last fall you looked at me with your big hazel eyes and whispered "But Mom... I don't know how to read." And that night you prayed that you wouldn't have to go to school the next day. 

My heart broke for your fears.

But you faced them. And you conquered them. One by one.

Tonight you cried because you didn't want school to be over... :)

I am so proud of everything you've done this year. I am so proud of your good report card, that you went from not even knowing all your letters at the beginning of the year, to now reading books on your own. I am so proud that you seem to be a natural math whiz. That you work hard in everything you do.

But I think I am the most proud of the new friendships you've made. Of the kids you've seen left out on the playground and tried to include. I am so proud of your character and your "Citizen Award" you received today. 

And I am soooo excited that... "School's Out For The Summer!" 

I am so excited for all the fun times we'll have and the memories we'll make. I know some days will be filled with splashes in the pool, giggles, and popsicles. And I know some days will be filled with whining, fighting, and crying.

But know that every single day I love you. And every single day I'm proud of you.

Love, Mom

I wonder what 1st grade will bring...


  1. Such a sweet post. My son start pre-school this fall and I know I'm not ready ;o)

  2. Actual tears...and I NEVER cry.

    That tug never goes away...if I close my eyes, I can still feel my almost 30 year old son's cheek on mine when I left him at the airport in February.