Tuesday, May 22, 2012

TGFP - Thank Goodness For Photoshop

After too many long, time-consuming, energy-sucking hours spent exchanging heads, switching smiles, deleting body parts, adjusting lighting, desaturating, changing leggings colors, removing tags, cropping, picking, contemplating, debating... the results are finally in.

I think I got a few good ones.

They might even be good enough to advance out of the "Decent" folder they're been subjected to the past week.
I'll think about it.

If you didn't happen to see the beautiful pre-edited photos of my children in all their glory, feel free to go here
You won't regret it. maybe..

To recap... here is what we started with.


the results

I actually meant for the kids to be semi-blurry in this one.. 

the lighting isn't great here, but at least they're looking 


brothers are the best

I think this was the only picture of all three I didn't switch any heads. 

 had to crop Charlie out of this adorable one of the other two.. sorry kid-that's life....

can't tell they're related, can you? 

they really wanted to be watching the beaver in the crick beneath them, but I coaxed this out first 


 cheeseball x 100

how did he get so grown up??? 

you would never know she hated this, would you? 

laughing at daddy dancing behind me :)

and my fave..

I'm hoping when these kids are all grown up, 
I'm just senile enough to think I "remember" us all having a really good time taking these pictures..

For now? I guess they are pretty cute. :)


  1. I love the one of the 2 boys walking down the track.
    They turned out really well!!

  2. Looking good! Well worth the time!

  3. Great photos. You'll never regret one second of the time it took to get these pics. What I wouldn't give to have had a digital camera when my babies were babies.